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oeserdach terra vital

The oeserdach terra vital means a new thinking about responsibility for our nature and human beings. Because it is our scope our earth still being worth living even tomorrow - and thereby offer you the highest possible level of wellbeing atmosphere. We achieve this through two components within the oeserdach terra vital:

We only use sustainable building materials for an oeserdach terra vital. This means materials, which result from renewable raw materials (clay, wood, hemp, etc.), are manufactured CO2neutral and are recyclable or even products of reprocessing. This makes a contribution to protect our environment and thereby ensure that our home tomorrow still is worth living: for us, our children, and all other generations.

The vital-component of oeserdach terra vital cares about your well-being. For an oeserdach terra vital we use only such materials, which leave no or minimal emissions. We disclaim all building materials that release potentially hazardous substances such as PCBs, PAHs, formaldehyde or solvent. But not only allergic persons will benefit from this; the daily exposure to environmental toxins at home should be at least as possible.

So, if you decide for an oeserdach terra vital, you will get a product which protects your health (vital) and the environment (terra) in oeserdach quality and aesthetics. At the same time, we set highest standards to us during the execution of a terra vital roof, and voluntarily reduce your exposure to the construction project through the following services:

  • Reduction of dust by dust-proof rubbish chutes (Bild), hoovering instead of sweeping, wet cuts of the tiles (Bild)
  • Reducing the risk of emissions through the use of power-operated elevators and chain sawsS
  • Smoking ban for all oeserdach staff and subcontractors on construction sites

Of course, you can combine an oeserdach terra vital with all the package solutions oeserdach plus, oeserdach premium or oeserdach preservation.