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Pitched Roofs

Pitched roofs are regarded as the archetype of roofs. About 12,000 BC the first sealings for sleeping accommodations were built by our ancestors, made of slightly sloped constructions of round timber, grass or animal skins. Out of these our common roof forms such as gabled roofs or even hipped roofs evolved (JPG Dachformen_DEG).

The slight slope of the roof had a practical purpose: the drainage of rainwater. That’s why pitched roofs typical are to be found in climatically demanding areas, while flat roofs are widespread in warm sunny regions of our world.

While the practical function of the roof still dominates, it is now complemented by an aesthetic function. Pitched roofs can be adopted to any needs and wishes due to the numerous existing roofing materials, colors & shapes: tiles made of ceramic or concrete, slate coverings made of natural slate or fibre cement or modern lightweight solutions such as coverings with shingles or metal. 

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