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Our vision

We are roofers out of conviction and love our profession. We are proud of what we are able to and want you to be as proud on your roof. Therefore we always do our best, to identify your needs and to implement it as best as possible. And best doesn’t mean to skim the most profit from your project for us, but your satisfaction is our goal.

We are working at a very high level. Our work is always professional and technically impeccable, because quality is matter of course for us. The technical rules of the German Roofing trade is our "Bible" and we consistently implement the rules specified there. We adhere to all norms and standards related to our services. But we go even one step further: we have established internal quality standards that go beyond, deliver to a still higher quality and aesthetically more appealing work. This special and unique oeserdach quality is firmly anchored in our commitment to quality. Convince yourself of the uniqueness of the oeserdach group and we will show you why we are better than others.

Quality as self-image

One of the most important leaks of the German tender system are the cheap pricing strategies driven by the acceptance to the cheapest offer. This often makes enterprises neglecting regulations and laws just to remain competitive.

The oeserdach group has chosen another way. Our claim it is not to give the cheapest but a honest offer. We want our customers to get what they deserve: a technically flawless performance that complies with all rules and regulations. Therefore, we take the time to discuss the wishes and ideas with you and to evolve possible solutions out of it. Technical rules represent the minimum standard, but you can expect even more. We always try to develop the best solutions for your project.
Through our quality standards an offer of the oeserdach group is certainly not the cheapest, which you get. But always bear in mind, that offers for construction services can’t be compared to offers from various garages for the same vehicle. Construction services are always different in terms of quality and aesthetics. At the same time offers for construction services often try to deliver the lowest total cost, without keeping quality or customer satisfaction in mind.

We would like to explain you, why we are better than others and what quality standard you get guaranteed by us. We are also glad to help you to compare different offers with the explanation of our offers. An open and honest communication is important – so both parties can reach a satisfying solution.

Our commitment to quality

1. Our staff is always trained and qualified, and gets fair payment for their works.

  • Our employees are skilled roofers or out of adequate jobs.
  • We pay all our staff at least tariff remuneration; wage dumping does not exist in our companies.
  • We care about the professional development of our employees by annually changing courses and training on current issues.
  • We enable young people to learn their dream job, because we are a training company.
  • You as a customer evaluate the performance of our staff in the customer survey, and we use this important feedback for the further development of our services.

2. We only use high-quality materials we trust in.

  • We only use materials that we would even build in our own houses.
  • We disclaim on cheap products and do-it-yourself quality. Our building materials are of professional quality from specialist dealers.
  • We disclaim on products from low-wage countries and those with bad CO2 balances.

3. Our internal quality standards guarantee a still higher quality for your building project.
  • Compliance with the technical rules of the German Roofing trade and all valid standards and directives for us is a matter of course.
  • Our internal quality standards go beyond these rules and foster the quality and/or the aesthetics.
  • Examples:                                                    
    - slate covering: the "Oeser"-verge
    - tile covering: the cut of valley
    - pitched roofs: construction of roof overhang
4. Cleanliness and safety on the construction site for us is a must.
  • The protection of buildings and of persons is our priority.
  • Various protective measures against risks and pollution will be executed with no extra cost for you.
  • Examples:
    - Pedestrian protection integrated in the scaffold
    - Safety nets on the scaffolding outside
5. We only work on the basis of long-term contracts and partnerships with subcontractors who join our commitment to quality.

  • Subcontractor services are only contracted to companies that meet our quality standards.
  • These partnerships are long-termed and trust-based cooperations.
  • We prefer to work with companies out of our region in order to strengthen these.

Why we are better

There are numerous arguments that speak for an oeserdach. E.g. our range of products with the attractive additional services, our understanding of quality or our commitment to quality.

Shown here is the difference between ambition and reality by means of examples. So, the discrepancy between what would be in accordance with instructions on the one hand and what you get frequently offered in the reality on the other. Thus, we want to sensitize you for the differences between construction companies

Example: quality of wood for roof work
The DIN 68800 as well as the technical rules of the German Roofing trade specify non-impregnated wood for battens and counter batten. This technically pre-dried wood without chemical preservatives of course is more expensive than impregnated wood. That’s why you often see the yellow or green laths on many roofs and many facades, that have the chemical wood preservation, are so impregnated. But the quality of the dried wood is significantly higher than those of the impregnated wood. So, we exclusively use dried non-impregnated wood, and thus at the same time reduce the chemical pollution of our staff and your home - for a healthier living environment.

Example: execution of counter battens
Since years, the rule of the double counter Batten at the link of the battens is recorded in the trade rules of the German Roofing Association. This means the mounting of two lath ends (one ends and another begins) on a doubled counter batten. So you need to mount two counter battens (Bild Konterlattung) on one rafter to ensure the necessary support for the battens. Otherwise it happens that battens at this point collapse, because two nails in just 2 cm must be nailed. Unfortunately this rule is often neglected.

Example: "Oeser"-verge in a slate covering
One example for an oeserdach special solution, which addresses in particular the aesthetic aspect, is the development of so-called Oeser-verge. The right and left edges of a roof are called verges. The so-called Oeser-verge was developed by Richard Oeser for the right verge in a slate covering. It is characterized by a more rounded cut, which makes the covering appear more harmonious than with the square verges widely seen on the roofs. At oeserdach you get, obviously, only the "Oeser"-verge, which we are proud of for years.

Explanation of our offers

An offer of the oeserdach group follows the basic rule to calculate your project as accurately as possible, without hidden costs or missing services. Since this is however not necessarily similar for every market companion in our competitive environment, it can occur that another offer is cheaper than that of the oeserdach group. To help you to compare the offers we here explain common "mistakes" in calculations. So it should be easier for you to distinguish the good from the dubious calculation.

Typical tricks in calculations:

1. Wrong volumes, lengths, surfaces as a basis of calculation.        
The trick is as simple as sneaky: quantities or surfaces in offers are often made smaller than they are in reality, with great effect. First the price seems to be very low. But then in the final invoice the real amount is applied, and the lump sum price rises.

Solution: Compare unit prices (per sqm/units etc.), not the total price!

2. Missing services as a potential for supplementary request.
This is also very popular to raise the cheap offer price: not all services are calculated. Many services are missing in offers, which are prescribed in accordance with technical rules. In the later building process they will be presented as necessary works, that have to be of extra charge…

Solution: Check the services and deliverables included in all offers and by that reveal missing services.

3. Differences in qualities/sizes/design.
Especially this point is very complex, because it is hard to check by an ordinary person. We as professionals immediately recognize if the calculated material is equivalent, but how can a layman assess that?

Solution: Hand identical requirements to all companies (E.g. same tile manufacturer, same type of tile, same color/surface). What you will see is that prices are not very different. But already the choice of a low-cost manufacturer is distorting everything...

Different range of services.
It should be clear to everyone that one provider with a comprehensive service can’t really calculate a cheaper price than the other. Please ask yourself, what a service is worth to you. A comparison is appropriate at this point: the cost of a new car is pretty much similar to that of a new roof. Most of the people in Germany need more time for car purchases as in the decision for the roofer. And a VW is bought more often than a Dacia. But for building projects the cheapest provider often wins, but why? Are skills and quality worth nothing? And how long do you use your car? How long should your roof protect you from rain, storms etc.? Do you notice something? Here is something going wrong...

Solution: Take your time for the decision and think it all the way through!