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Another field of our works is the sealing of any type of building against moisture or pressing water. These works need to be done on basement walls, bottom plates, underground parkings or swimming pools. In addition to the classical fields of works on roofs or walls, we are also active in road construction by sealing bridges in accordance with the rules of ZTV-Ing.

Underground Parking

The sealing of an underground parking protects the base plate from water and de-icing salt. Therefore the sealing must be resistant to chloride: a quality that brings bitumen membrane. That’s why this sealing is in accordance with DIN 18195, combined with a protective layer of asphalt concrete, split mastic, paving or floor covered. 

Swimming Pools

Even if one does not immediately think about roofers when building a swimming pool or pond – even for these works we are the right contractor for your project. The techniques of the sealing are the same ones that are used on the roof and are provided by us in highest quality - because it is our daily work. 

Vertical components

The sealing of basement walls and bottom plates often considered as the Achilles heel of houses. Leaky basement harm the stability of your home in the long run. So don’t try to save money by choosing a weak solution such as bitumen thick coating: a tough compound that is painted on the wall before it is filled with soil.

We don’t use these cheap paints, but durable bitumen sheets or synthetic sealing. Of course such sealing is even more expensive, but able to waterproof your basement for long term.

Sealing of Bridges

Another field of work of the oeserdach group is the sealing of road bridges. We have the expertise as a certified contractor to carry out part 7 bridges waterproofing in accordance with the rules of ZTV-Ing. (additional technical contract conditions and regulations for civil engineering constructions). Therefor we use the waterproofing systems listed by BASt (Federal Highway Research Institute). Usually, there is one or two layers of polymer membrane, which are attached under a protective layer of mastic asphalt (sketch of bridge waterproofing).